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Almost every marriage starts with a huge celebration. Each couple with family and friends are full of hopes and dreams for the couple's future life together. However the road to a happy marriage is far from being easy thereby many couple opt not to complete the journey.
Our marriage counseling session (online or offline) are designed with you and your spouse in mind. The goal is to help individuals or couple to resolve personal, psychological or marital problems. Our experienced marriage counselors in Nigeria help you solve all problems in a perfect way to lead a fulfilling married life.
We offer professional marriage counseling services Nigeria with utmost care and dedication to help you learn the art of addressing conflicts and challenges to restore faith and mutual respect in marriage life. Marriage Aid offers premarital counseling online Nigeria services as well as offline counseling for our clients.

My Counseling Session
Some people think I\'m going to judge them, some think it's because they are 'broken' and need fixing, some seem to think I'm going to blame them, or be patronizing, or tell them what to do, or make them do something they don't want to do. Maybe they think they've done something wrong, or they have failed, or that because they are struggling, it proves they aren't enough.
There's a fear that somehow, I will have access to all their deep, dark, innermost secrets just by chatting with them. If you think this is what counseling is, then you don't want to come.
Most people search hard to find an answer to the question, how to find a service that offers couples marriage counseling near me. However the fear of revealing the innermost secrets to someone else prevents from visiting a counseling center. I think differently and follow an honest approach. You can visit me without any inhibition foe premarital counseling services Nigeria or marriage guidance counseling service Nigeria.
In counseling, people open themselves up to me and share that they ate a whole packet of biscuits, or stole a few naira out of mum's purse, or lied, or slept with their friends'partner, or gossiped, or abused others, or hate their mother-in-law... things they might have held on to for years. You need to be reassured that it's safe to talk about whatever you have going on.
Well, people often report that they feel calmer, less stressed, sleep better, have improved communication, a better work/life balance, laugh again, look after themselves more, are kinder to themselves, understand their own needs, make positive changes, learn how to say no, eat/drink less, get their lives and relationships back etc..
As a counselor/therapist who offers relationship counseling services Nigeria, I do my best to make every client feel comfortable, accepted, valued and understood.

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