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Life & Relationship Synergy Mentorship Platform is a process that identifies, equips and empowers voluntary and experienced couples to support, strengthen and encourage less experienced or struggling couples have smooth sail marital journey. Our research has shown that 8 out of 10 engaged or newly-wed couples enter marriage without a mentor or knowledge of the dynamics of marriage life but end up struggling or divorced.We offer the best marriage mentoring services Nigeria to solve all our issues in the best possible way.
Today, we have a dream that a network of mentors will rise to become guardians of the next generation of marriages. Join us to close this gap– be a #MarriageMentor. Raise your voice, share your knowledge and impact positive change through engagement and influence the societies. Learning by example has no replacement.
Who is a Marriage Mentor?
Tope called me few months to his wedding and said, “What we need is a couple to talk to who has walked down the path we are about to begin.” A lot of engaged couples are in this dilemma of going to their moms and dads with situations but end up as parent or teaching them something without objectivity or attachments. Our marriage mentoring services Nigeria offer couples the right guidance and counseling in a professional way.
While a mother and father can certainly serve a helpful function in the life of a new bride or groom, they usually cannot offer the distance and objectivity that a mentor gives. For this reason, it is important first to realize exactly who a mentor is not:

  • A mentor is not a mother or father.
  • A mentor is not a friend.
  • A mentor is not a perfect couple.
  • A mentor is not a know-it-all.
  • A mentor is not “on call” for every little crisis.
What Mentor Couples Do?
Mentor couples work with engaged and newlywed couples to explore a variety of issues: marriage goals and expectations, communication, conflict resolution, financial planning, household roles, faith issues, and spiritual practices. They reinforce the strengths of the couples with whom they work, while modeling and teaching the communication skills needed for enduring, romantic and fulfilling relationships as a part of offering marriage mentoring services Nigeria. A mentor couple usually meets privately with the engaged or newlywed couple assigned to them but may also participate in planning and leading group sessions, such as seminars on communication, conflict-management, or financial planning. They also participate in regular team meetings for ongoing training and support.

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